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Subscriber Statistics, Feed Proxy and all that jazz.

Feed Proxy

Wondering how many subscribers you have? Wonder no more!

Publisher PLUS takes care of your RSS feed

  • Subscriber Statistics

    Find out how many listeners regularly check your feed to get an idea how many subscribers you have.

  • Take off the load

    Generating and serving RSS feeds to listeners for popular podcasts causes heavy load and traffic. Let Publisher PLUS handle it instead.

  • Custom hostname

    Feeds are served from Publisher PLUS URLs. But if you like, you can use your own hostname / CNAME.

  • Simple Integration

    Integrating PLUS with Podlove Publisher is simple. One click to turn the Feed Proxy on. One more click to turn it off again.

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    Hi there,

    I’m Eric. I build this thing.

    I’ve been building Podlove Publisher since 2012 and I’m still excited to work on podcasting infrastructure. There are ideas I’m itching to explore that are hard or impossible to do in WordPress.

    I’m looking forward to providing a better podcasting experience to both publishers and listeners with Publisher PLUS.

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